Go South Africa is your go to marketing guide
to leveraging your tourism business!

The ONLY way to stand out in a crowded marketplace is to be on the actual “cutting edge” of what’s working right now

That is why we have created the concept of the competition giveaways and they work along the following principals.

  1. Create awareness of your product through your competition giveaway.
  2. Already make sales here through a very good discounted offer that is pushed to the entrants whatsapp inbox
  3. Now that you are on the entrants phone the next step is to get the viral sharing to take place. ie multiply the awareness of your product into the entry’s social circle and get even more entries.
  4. Make offers through an automated email series which achieves2 things. It cleans up your email list (People who dont want your offers will unsubscribe) and it creates trust and familiarity of your email address
  5. Us the survey function to get better segmentation of your database
  6. Use the competition sales page to sell competition entries or get donations for a cause that you support.
  7. At the end of the competition you will have a segmented email marketing database to continue your marketing efforts.


When you understand that, you will have become a RAINMAKER for your business



What's in it for you?

Boost your business by:

  • Automating customer support through a “NO CODE” WhatsApp bot
  • Improve conversions through automated WhatsApp confirmations of web enquiries
  • Optimise reservations with booking confirmations via WhatsApp
  • Elevate your business through our WhatsApp Catalogs customer journeys and loyalty/ referral programs.
  • Trigger an automated WhatsApp  message series to create better engagement and encourage more reservations.
  • Intergrate QR codes with WhatsApp and track the number of times your QR code has been scanned.
  •  Send offers discounts and coupons

The idea of this website is to provide a number of solutions to pivot and grow your tourism business into both the domestic market and the international market. The idea is to drive direct business and put you in contact with our database of 15000 tour operator contacts who can package and sell your tourism experiences. We have over 125000 registered users through mobile apps and destination domains.

Your next steps

  1. Schedule a  call with us and lets explore how we can assist you affordably
  2. Start with a marketing plan. 
  3. Use our media database to gain more tourism PR for your business.
  4. Consider a mailshot to 125000+ consumers creating awareness of your tourism business.
  5. Consider creating or extending your email marketing database. This is easier than you think and we guarantee our results.
  6. Setup a WhatsApp bot and start to automate your business processes through WhatsApp. You can even integrate AI into this process.

Strategies you can take advantage of...

  1. Its starts with a plan and our advice is to build a marketing plan so that you have an idea of what you want to achieve.
  2. Use our free downloadable marketing recourses that are practical and achievable.
  3. Setup a WhatsApp bot for your business. This is the most effective marketing tool that we know of.
  4. Build a email marketing database and intergrate WhatsApp automations into it at best through a CRM. This will generate booking leads every single week.
  5. Gain access to tour operator contacts who will include your tourism experience in their packages. 
  6. Gain access to a travel media database and get maximum PR opportunities for tour hotel.
  7. Send your offers through bulk email campaigns to our consumer database of 125000 contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

GoSouthAfrica provides an affordable way to reignite trade relationships and to develop new ones. Rather than using traditional methods such as trade shows, activations or workshops, we here at GoSouthAfrica help you manage this process at a much smaller cost with much better results.

Generally you would attend a trade show like Indaba which might conservatively cost you R25000. That would, in all likelihood, result in about 50 meetings. In reality you would have collected 50 business cards at a price of R500 a business card. Should just one of these contacts turn into business well you will be smiling because that alone would probably be worth upwards of R100,000 a year of business. With our trade marketing network you can expect results of more than 20x the return of a tradeshow. 

If you have ever considered spending your resources on trade shows give this a whirl and you might find the digital revolution starting to work for you.

GoSouthAfrica provides a simple solution for agents, tour operators and DMCs to discover new partners and destinations. This gives everyone the opportunity to offer the very best of South African tourism products. Save your agency time and effort that would have been spent at trade shows.

By integrating with our media database and tracking PR opportunities, you will easily get more media coverage. By adding giveaway incentives and trade exchanges even more media will start to knock on your door. Offering them educational visits and inexpensive partner and family visits, your exposure through blogging, social media and traditional media will grow exponentially.

These awards are here to recognise and reward tourism businesses who work passionately to improve South Africa as a tourist destination. Its about adding some positivity back into a sector that has been hit hard by the pandemic. Its about getting more people exploring our magnificently beautiful backroads. This program has been incredibly successful in distributing the R1000 Travel vouchers which drives direct business to those businesses that accept these vouchers. Additionally the travel awards carry no cost to enter and any business generated attracts zero commission.

It all starts with defining what your market that you want to target is. Then we define the segmentation for that market. Next step is to get contacts into that database and we do that by offering a competition giveaway which is marketed strongly through our own email marketing platform as well as paid social media ads. The competitions are connected to WhatsApp and this is where the viral sharing takes place. Assuming your audience has been defined correctly the viral effect will additionally grow the database tenfold. Then once that has happened the database gets cleaned by removing contacts you think are not relevant based on the segmentation captured. And hey presto you will have a very strong POPIA compliant email marketing database of your own to use for the foreseeable future.