Who are we?

Go South Africa was started during the Covid-19 Lockdown as tourism faced a crisis of epidemic proportions. Travel restrictions and fear devastated the entire travel industry. Our response as a group of independent small and micro hotel owners has been to build a marketing collaboration  with the primary objective to saving our own businesses. 

Who would have thought that with our backs against the wall where we were not even sure that we would even survive this crisis that we would flourish. It has turned out that our businesses have improved thanks to our resilience and cooperation. Much of the international market has not recovered yet (April 2022) but its clearly moving in the right direction. 

We have pooled our marketing recourses and know how. Tapping into the domestic market by building an own opted in consumer database which is now reaching some 70 000 consumers weekly has played a pivotal part in our strategy. Establishing strong destination marketing platforms e are ok we have helped too. One of our best strategies was to develop the R1000 travel voucher which constantly drives bookings with minimal discounts. Increasing our direct business has increased our profit margins significantly and with the return of the international market we are excited to be opening our concept to you. 


Hotel Marketing
Affordable marketing strategies that get more customers to engage and book
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15 000 Buyers
Search through15 000 tour operator contacts and find the partners that fit your product
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Keep track
The easy way to keep track of your STO agreements through a CRM custom designed for tourism
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Whats in it for you?

The idea of this website is to provide a number of solutions to pivot and grow your tourism business into both the domestic market and the international market. The idea is as much as possible drive direct business and as much as possible put you in contact with our database of 15000 tour operator contacts who can package and sell your tourism experiences.

Strategies available through GoSouthAfrica.co.za!

  • A free listing with a link to your website. There is no risk, enquiries go directly to you and there is no commission charged. This is a no brainer.
  • Once listed you can opt in to a number of strategies targeted to the domestic market
  • Become part of the FREE R1000 travel voucher program. Essentially we distribute vouchers with a value of R1000. These vouchers are effectively a R1000 discount off your rates. You can determine your own T&Cs.
  • Get involved in our destination marketing platform. This works as a collaborative effort to generate awareness of your destination and for your effort we generate direct consumer enquiries to all those involved. 
  • We do mailshots to our consumer database of 70 000 opted in subscribers. There is a queue to take up this offer but if you are prepared to wait a few weeks you will find it very worth while.
  • Let the international trade find you and make contact. It works in much the same way as you going to a trade fair and they drop in to you stand.
  • Be proactive and gain access to our 15000 trade contacts with both market intelligence and introductions. 
  • Use the free CRM platform to manage your STO agreements and trade relationships. For many this will be the first time ever that you will really understand just how well the trade is helping you.
  • Compete in the South Africa Tourism Awards where there are opportunities for more exposure and awareness of your tourism business to direct consumers.


Adventue tourism in south africa

Your next steps

  1. Join Go South Africa
  2. List your tourism business.
  3. Opt into the R1000 travel voucher program
  4. Use our agent database and extend it with your own contacts to manage and build better relationships. 
  5. Use our media database to gain more tourism PR for your business.
  6. Consider a mailshot to 60000+ consumers creating awareness of your tourism business.
  7. Consider being part of a monthly bulk email to 1000 new trade contacts each month. All responses you get you can add back into your trade crm.


GoSouthAfrica provides the you an affordable way to reignite trade relationships and to develop new ones. Rather than using traditional methods like trade shows GoSouthAfrica helps you manage this problem for free.

Generally you would attend a trade show like Indaba which might conservatively cost you R25000. That would in all likelihood result in about 50 meetings. In reality you would have collected 50 business cards at a price of R500 a business card. Should just one of these contacts turn into business well you will be smiling becuse it alone would probably be worth upwards of R100000 a year of business.

So if you have ever considered spending your resources on trade shows give this a wirl and you will simply never consider the older methods ever again.

GoSouthAfrica provides a simple solution for agents, tour operators and DMCs to discover new partners and destinations to offer the very best of South African tourism products. This will save your agency time and effort spent at trade shows.

By integrating with our media database and tracking PR opportunities you will easily get more media coverage. By adding giveaway incentives and trade exchanges even more media will start to knock on your door 

These awards are here to recognise and reward tourism businesses who work passionately to improve South Africa as a tourist destination. Its about adding some positivity back into a sector that has been hit hard by the pandemic. Its about getting more people exploring our magnificently beautiful backroads. This program is incredibly successful in distributing the R1000 Travel vouchers which drives direct business to those businesses that accept these vouchers. Additionally these awards carry no cost to enter and any business generated attracts zero commission.