About Us

Who am I

I have spent my entire life traveling. I hitched from South Africa to London which started my travel addiction and have been to over 50 countries on all 7 continents. Once I left South Africa it somehow took me 17 years to return to my home roots and still I have not stopped traveling. Since then I have tracked gorillas in Rwanda, sailed across the pacific in a small sailing boat, I have searched for a spiritual renewal in India and traveled on a luxury cruise ship to Antarctica. But in the end, I love South Africa the most. That is a good thing because this is where I live now.

I love the diversity of the natural wilderness and the amazing value for money you get in South Africa. It’s a country that is not overrun by tourism, a place where you still get an authentic cultural experience and where you are still surprised by the welcoming hospitality, generosity and friendliness of its people. I have travelled everywhere in South Africa and am particularly interested in the natural beauty and wilderness. Best of all I still find new ways to rediscover this wonderful place. From white sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, tranquil villages, the bushveld wilderness safaris to elegant colonial cities. I now live in the Drakensberg Mountains which beyond any doubt is the most beautiful place on earth that I have ever been.

Andrew Attwood – Owner Antbear Lodge

What is this website all about

The sole purpose of this website is to promote my passion of South Africa. 2020 has been a difficult year for tourism and with the recovery of the sector not expected till 2022/23 the only option for now is domestic tourism if any of these wonderful tourism products in South Africa are to survive. So I have built some tools that I think help gain access to this domestic market. I am using them for my own lodge and see this platform as my collaborative contribution to the recovery of the tourism sector. Thats why its free to list your producs and attracts with zero commission or other fees.