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Who is this for?

1. Tourism businesses can list their business and get more exposure. Once listed there are a number of added value options to opt into including a referral program for your business, contactless checkin and a hotel voucher promotion scheme.

2. Referrers As a previous guest having been and loved the experience you kind of always tell your friends. Well now you can tell your friends and each time they book because of your referral you build up credit for your next stay. You can use it as a discount of if you have enough stay for free. You basically get 10% credits on each booking you refer..

3. Media

4. Associations

Why Join?

1. Its FREE You have nothing to lose besides maybe 10 minutes of your time needed to create your listing.

2. For us by us This platform has been developed by tourism business owners. It works on the basis of collaboration with the sole purpose to grow our local domestic market

3. Be part of the solution. We are in this tourism crisis together and for those of us that survive the crisis we will have stronger and better businesses than ever before. This platform looks at the opportunities.

4. Referrer Get free holidays as well as gifting discounts to your fiends. Use the promotional tools like competition giveaways to really boost your referrals.

5. Media

6. Associations